What can you expect from this course?

First and foremost you will learn how to avoid massive waste of resource solving the wrong problems. Plus great insight into how to structure change to deal with complexity. That will give you a real competitive edge. Creativity in Business is about Problem Solving and relies on understanding and using some basic methods and frameworks. The focus is on learning how the components of people and context can best be managed to get to the heart of problems. How to decide what approaches to take PLUS a variety of tried and tested techniques you can use along the way.

The material has been developed in practice over several decades, working with managers from organisations of all sizes and sectors. As a result it brings together a variety of thinking in easily digestible format for you, the student.

Also there are plenty of downloadable resources that can be kept and used over and over again. Plus pointers as to how to expand your skills once you have mastered the basics.

It's simply the best course of its type on the web.

Praise for this course:

About the instructor


Rob Wherrett

Rob Wherrett is Chairman of Zymolysis - a niche management consultancy in the UK - and he heads its Executive Coaching practice which includes executive 20:20 training.  He is one of the world's leading experts in practical Creative Problem Solving for business. Rob has worked in Europe, North America and Africa delivering Creativity and Change as well as teaching management students from around the globe. More than anything he recognises that in order for change to be successful it has to address the right problems. In so doing he helps clients to save massively on their resources, while at the same time making life better for everyone involved. Rob is unique in the breadth of his experience which stretches from psychometrics and personal inventories, through creativity, into the complete range of execution planning and delivery, with world-class programme governance at its heart. He is passionate about doing the right thing first time and making sure the quality of solution is excellent. This resulted in a number of accolades when he was heading product development for a UK Financial Services organisation.  Subsequently he has also helped many very large organisations get to grips with complex problems and deliver world-class solutions. Today he divides his time between developing Executive Leaders; teaching and consulting on Creativity; and running Not-for-Profit organisations. He is a Fellow of both the UK Institute of Leadership & Management and the Royal Society of Arts as well as being an assessor for the Institute of Consulting. His wide-ranging sector experience covers: Leisure; Higher Education; Non-Food Retail; Financial Services; Military/Defence; Engineering; Central Government; Immigration; International Development; Healthcare; Hospitality and Non-Profit.

This is one course you simply can't afford to pass by!